Hi, my name is Pia

I am a 31 years old mother of three children and a wife to my hockey husband. Through him, we have seen a lot of the world from which I have learned and experienced much. We have been to Russia, China and Slovakia, and currently our road has taken us to Norway - Oslo. These moments have also occasionally brought loneliness, insecurity, and fear. However, they have shaped me from who I am at the moment. I don't take anything for granted. I believe in the good and seek and think about things very positively. I try to keep all the negative energy out of my life because I want to enjoy and live the moment I have.

I love to stop our moments for pictures that we will be able to look at for many more decades to come and return to that important and beloved moment. So at least I do it myself with regard to the births of children, their own weddings and the childhood years of children. Oh those dear moments!